Until covid -19 is no longer a threat, all services are virtual.

Postpartum Planning and Virtual Support

During this time when we need the most support and help in order to navigate the new roles we are in, we are not able to utilize the hands-on resources normally available to us. 

I can help talk you through and demonstrate what to expect/do during those first weeks at home, answer any questions, address any concerns and provide a daily/ weekly 'check -in' during the first 12 weeks after your birth. 

When baby is home, you will need to rest and recuperate in order to bond and enjoy this sweet time with your newborn.

I offer support with:

*Breastfeeding/ pumping

*Bottle feeding

*Safe Sleeping

*Soothing techniques

*Postpartum recovery

*Sibling adjustment 

Lactation Counseling

*Sometimes challenges arise when breastfeeding, after taking a complete history and observing a feed, I will offer suggestions based on my observations.  

*Most sessions are 50 minutes in length, they can be done virtually -I will email notes from the session to you for you to refer back to.

*You can reach me by phone, text or email to set up a time to video chat.

Our initial consultation is Free and about 15 minutes long.

*Normally  these services would be in person, however I am now offering support virtually.

*I will also provide a list of resources you can access anytime.

*5 Hours of Postpartum support - $100

*Hourly- $25.

So How does this work?

Providing services virtually for the moment.

 When possible in-person resumes, I service the Boston area.

*You can reach me by phone or text at (772)-285-3558 or

email me at

Our initial consultation is Free and about 15 minutes long.

Postpartum virtual/ in person support ( when possible)- $25/hour

Lactation counseling- $30/hour

*Baby Shower gift certificates available. 

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