Postpartum Doula Support

Why would I need a Postpartum Doula?

Moms/ Dads/ Parents need nurturing attention and support postpartum, possibly more now than at any other time. We are in a time of uncertainty, and I would like to be able to ease some stress in an effort to create some sense of normalcy. 

I provide non-medical, emotional, practical and evidence based support for new Moms/ Dads / Parents and growing families.

Although normally I would be meeting you in person, until Covid-19 is no longer a threat, I will be offering my support and guidance virtually through video chat, in the comfort of your home.

  • However your journey led you to your baby- you made the plans, you bought the things, but did anyone tell you what you would need once baby is home? Most Parents do not make a postpartum plan. Whether you plan to breast or bottle feed your baby, there are so many questions :


    Why isn't  breastfeeding coming as naturally as I thought it would?

  • Do I have to pump? How do I do that? 

  • Is this the right type of bottle? the right size nipple?

  • How do I know if my baby is hungry or just tired?

  • How long should I let baby/ babies sleep before I feed them?

  • Is the baby getting enough to eat? 

  • Am I making enough milk?

  • If I am bottle feeding my baby, how many oz? How many bottles/ day?

  • If my baby still seems hungry, can I offer more?

  • How many wet diapers are normal?

  • How do I swaddle the baby again?

  • Will I ever get any sleep?

  • If I have older children, how do I keep them  occupied while I tend to the baby?

  • How and when to bathe baby?

  • I have a baby carrier, how does this work?

We assume we'll be able to handle it all.  We assume we will have the time and strength to figure it out by reading books and talking to friends. Maybe you will, but you don't have to do it alone.


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